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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336
Dust Lust Labs: Bringing SagaCity to Burning Man 2020


a cooperative of friends, burners, engineers, welders, woodworkers, illustrators, performers, and installation artists who craft art installations, both on and off our dusty home of Black Rock City. Currently we are collaborating on SagaCity, a grand immersive and mind shifting installation. Set to debut in Black Rock City in 2020…

Meet the Team

Aimee Hornberger: Director of Design at Dust Lust Labs

Aimee Hornberger

Director of Design

Aimee is our Design and Interior Architecture Expert, contriving the original design for SagaCity and the Drink Water Tea House. She has a decade of experience in Interior Architecture, Web and Graphic Design working on commercial and residential projects in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Portland, and Los Angeles. She has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

Jenna Lynn: Operations Director at Dust Lust Labs

Jenna Lynn

Director of Operations

Jenna is our team leader and manager of all Operations including Procurement and Site Operations. She is the founder of CampFire Cove and former director of KSF. She has slayed logistics and management within events and festivals across the lands. Including Lightning in a Bottle, Rainbow Serpent Australia, What the Festival, and Symbiosis Global Eclipse Festival, to name a few. She has a BS in Architecture and Sustainability from Portland State University, and a passion for creating communities.

Dominic Eason: Engineering Director at Dust Lust Labs

Dominic Eason

Director of Engineering

Dominic leads our Engineering team ensuring that we have safe structures. He is also the brains behind all of our LED lighting grids and operations. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University and in his spare time tosses acrobats in the air.

Alissa Kolom

Specialty Fabrication

Alissa is helping with logistics, design elements and bringing one of SagaCity’s immersive rooms to life. She’s currently a Project Manager for a creative fabrication company in Los Angeles and has a background fabricating/installing large-scale art and infrastructure in the music festival world. She loves to collaboratively create interactive art and environments to inspire wonder and exploration and strives to capture that creation process through her photography.

Bailey Rae: SagaCity Artist

Bailey Rae


Bailey is helping design and fabricate with SagaCity. She has spent years working on incredible crews building art and infrastructure for music festivals, creating large-scale art of her own, and coordinating complicated events, schedules and teams. After earning her BA in Art/Design/Journalism, she began work as a floral designer, fueled by a desire to work with her hands and create with unconventional materials.

Sinjin Knapp

Lead Carpenter

A carpenter with a passion for big art and experience creation. Beginning his career as a volunteer at Lightning in a Bottle, he has spent the past 3 years building around the world. He was a core crew member for the Black Rock Lighthouse Service in 2016, the Burning Seed Effigy in 2018 and The Folly in 2019. In addition to burns he has built stages and art at festivals in Australia and New Zealand including Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Rainbow Serpent, Twisted Frequency and Outfield.

Bring SagaCity to Burning Man 2021!

SagaCity is only possible with your support